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Get the credit you deserve

Australian Sports Academy is offering an outstanding opportunity for you and your staff to gain a nationally recognised qualification for the skills, knowledge and experience you have gained through your work on the job via the skills recognition, or Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process.What is skills recognition

Generally speaking, RPL is a process where the skills and knowledge that you have gathered through real life experience and application, rather than learning from sitting in a classroom, can be formalised into recognised qualifications. Skills recognition is a process of matching the skills, knowledge and  experience you already have against a nationally accredited qualification. In some cases, this can mean receiving a qualification without having to undertake any training or study.

It is an upfront assessment process which evaluates and recognises the skills and knowledge you have gained from:

  • Previous study
  • Work experience
  • Work based training
  • Life experiences
  • Volunteer or community work.

Qualifications are of benefit to you because:

  • Employers often require a certificate or qualification when recruiting or promoting workers
  • They can help you to enter the workforce
  • They can help you to re-enter the workforce
  • Qualifications help you to change careers
  • Recognised qualilfications can help you get a promotion
  • They can improve your job security
  • Recognised qualifications can help you to enter into to further study.

How to find out if your skills can be officially recognised

The ASA skills recognition process has been designed for those who are currently working in the Sport, Recreation and Fitness industry and who are looking for career advancement. Full or part recognition can be gained through the skills recognition process for the following qualifications:

  • SIS31015 Certificate III in Aquatics and Community Recreation
  • SIS30713 Certificate III in Sport Coaching
  • SIS40512 Certificate IV in Sport Coaching
  • SIS50512 Diploma of Sport Coaching
  • SIS40612 Certificate IV in Sport Development
  • SIS50612 Diploma of Sport Development
  • SIS30315 Certificate III in Fitness
  • SIS40215 Certificate IV in Fitness
  • SIS50215 Diploma of Fitness
  • SIS30613 Certificate III in Sport Career Oriented Participation
  • SIS30813 Certificate III in Sports Trainer
  • SIS30115 Certificate III in Sport and Recreation
  • SIS40115 Certificate IV in Sport and Recreation
  • SIS50115 Diploma of Sport and Recreation Management

What’s the procedure

Contact us on 1300 656 693 or email your CV to We’ll ask you some questions, and if your are eligible, we’ll send you our self assessment kit that will help you to gather evidence to show the skills, knowledge and experience that you have.

Upon submission of this evidence, the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) consultant will match this with the competencies of the relevant qualification and you will be given credit for the units in which you have demonstrated competency.

If you are unable to be given credits for all units, gap training is available.

Are you eligible

You should have relevant and sufficient experience and knowledge in the industry appropriate to the level of qualification you are seeking.

What is the cost

Every qualification level has different cost, you will be advised by the cost when we receive your enquiry.

Contact us

For further information please contact Australian Sports Academy head office on1300 656 693 or send an email to