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Combining Sport with Education

Everyone is gifted and talented. Every student has a fundamental talent and a gift they are passionate about. By engaging those passions we are able to keep them involved in education for longer and direct them on a career pathway.

Education providers need to emphasise, identify and nurture student giftedness, irrespective of  whether it is a talent for the traditional curriculum areas of English, Maths, and Science or in Art and Sport. Equal emphasis needs to be given to the development of the less traditional curriculum areas mentioned, including the personal qualities that future employers will value.

Some students struggle to remain engaged and enthusiastic about the traditional curriculum. By offering students a sports education program we are recognising and developing their gifts and talents.

Recognition and development of a student’s gifts along with employer desired personal qualities will ensure a student has the necessary skill set to thrive in our ever changing world.

Many school students play sport while attending school. A number of these students are driven by their passion for sport with little dedication to academic outcomes, instead, dreaming of sporting excellence and a career as a professional athlete.

Australian Sports College (ASC) applauds the sporting aspirations of young people. We believe that the dream of sporting excellence should also go hand in hand with education. We understand that a large number of youth in Australia are born athletes. Young people should be encouraged to pursue their ambitions of a sporting career while achieving their education certificate.

ASC’s Elite Athlete Program aims to provide the best practice model for high performance athlete development. Our aim is to develop the next generation of Australian athletes who will compete at the elite competition level in Australia and overseas.

Sports scientists have reported there are critical periods in the life of a young person where the effects of training can be maximised. They have also concluded that it takes eight to ten years of training for a talented athlete to reach elite levels. This is known in scientific literature as the 10 year or 10,000 hour rule. It translates into slightly more than three hours of deliberate practice daily for 10 years. Such a long -term commitment to training is required to produce elite athletes in any sport.

ASC has combined sports training, education and academia to allow these young people the  opportunity to follow their ambitions. We know that working in the sports industry is a professional career, whether it be as a player, coach, referee, manager, marketer, etc. Our education system is designed to drive these students by helping develop a career pathway to achieve desired outcomes. Integrating education, career and a personal life with a high performance sporting career is our challenge.

ASC is designed to support all athletes to achieve sport and life goals through integrating learning, work and sports performance.

Some research suggests that athletes with an integrated lifestyle are more likely to achieve their sporting goals, cope better with stress and injury, and have more confidence in what the future will hold after sport.

ASC’s Elite Athlete Program offers Year 11 and 12 students a two year program, the aim being to discover further talent following a period of intensive sports training and coaching designed to improve every individual’s sporting ability as well as education on all aspects of the industry.

ASC caters for sports development and also provides the opportunity to gain the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) and Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualifications. Students will have access to their high school education subjects, supported by highly trained teachers who will provide individualised and quality programs maintaining the very important teacher student relationship.

This is a comprehensive high performance training program to maximise a participant’s potential and involvement in sport to achieve their sports dream and at the same time completing the QCE in their chosen sport.

ASC plans to work with sporting organisations on a National, State and Club level to assist in the development of their athletes to maximise the time for the athlete to improve their ability and skills to achieve the highest levels of performance possible.

Specifically, the program aims to provide state sports organisations with an environment that focuses on the successful delivery of sound youth programs and the opportunity to change our current structure in youth development to give our best athletes the best opportunity to reach the same level of competency as our counterparts elsewhere around the world.

The program is specifically designed to provide students with a tailored and targeted pathway to achieve their sports career, while at the same time giving them the opportunity to gain their QCE and have four different pathways including University study.

If you, your student or players, your son, or daughter has the ability, talent, and desire to play sport professionally, then the next two years at the Australian Sports College could be the most important two years of their life.

Australian Sports College (ASC) is the first Independent Senior Sports High School in Australia. The College is approved by the Queensland Department for Education and Training and offers a new pathway for sports minded students in the Senior Phase of Schooling in Queensland.

ASC is accredited as a non state, private Sports Senior High School for Year 11 and 12 students, dedicated to producing professional players in AFL, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Netball, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Swimming, Tennis, Sailing and Volleyball.

Furthermore, the ASC aims to provide students with a tailored and targeted pathway to their career of choice whilst giving them the opportunity to obtain their QCE. The programs are specifically focused and designed to offer a pathway for athletes wishing to achieve their highest level of sport and pursue a career in the sport and/or recreation industry.

The ASC’s Sports Focus Programs are developed with educational initiatives that foster the growth of sport in Australia. The programs provide participants the opportunity to develop skills in fitness, sport and recreation that will enhance their opportunities for employment. The primary goal for ASC is to provide participants with the necessary skills for employment, whether that be as a player, coach, official, administrator, manager or trainer.