ASA is committed to upholding the highest quality and integrity of its qualifications, professional education and training programs.

ASA has considerable experience in the delivery of its qualifications and training programs. ASA identifies suitable training organisations through a strict process of quality checks and manages organisations to deliver ASA qualifications according to Australian Quality Training Framework Guidelines (AQTF) standards.

Training is closely monitored and audited on a regular basis. Training of teachers in partner institutes is crucial to successful program implementation. The teachers have undergone training to become accredited in delivering our courses and are familiar with our teaching practices and our methodologies.

Our local trainers and teachers are also experienced in delivering training in a variety of cultural settings and are able to assist in course delivery, depending on the delivery model undertaken.

Australian Sports Academy’s goal is to work with the Sports, Recreation and Fitness community to develop skilled employees for the industry.  We are a national leader in vocational education and training and provide practical and flexible training and assessment services to the highest standards. Training and assessment is an investment in your business’ success. It is an essential part of being competitive and achieving growth, profitability and continuous improvement in business. Our clients have used our expertise and ability to achieve:

  • Improved staff retention and morale
  • Better leadership, management and communication skills
  • Improved quality and productivity
  • Enhanced competitiveness
  • Legal compliance requirements

We would like to help you develop capable and motivated employees that will help you to achieve the highest success.

Our approach is to act as a skills consultant, working closely with you to understand the needs of your organisation, and to implement the most appropriate skills solutions for you.

To contact one of our Sports Solutions Coordinators just call us on +61 1300 656 693 or email us on info@asaonline.edu.au.

Australian Sports Academy offers Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programs, offered as fully engaged, intensive, live-in courses which run from 1 – 5 days and can cover an extensive curriculum of Sports elements.

Australian Sports Academy has an impressive record for delivering tailored Study Tour and Training Programs for international organisations and institutions. Australia is recognised as a highly competitive provider of quality Sports, Recreation and Fitness professional training programs and a major deliverer of Sports, Recreation and Fitness education.

Our study tours have the flexibility to offer programs specifically designed to meet the requirements of many different organisations such as Government, professional groups, Education Institutions, Sports Organisations or student groups from non-English speaking backgrounds.

About the Program

Study Tour Programs offer the ideal mix of academic excellence while enjoying the sport and cultural benefits of living in the city of Gold Coast, renowned for education, sport, food , art and some world class theme parks such as Warner Bros. Movie World, Wet’n’Wild, Sea World, Currumbin Sanctuary, Dream World or Whitewater World. The program is tailored to each group’s specific needs and are usually of two to eight weeks duration, but may be reduced or extended according to the requirements of the group. Some groups select academic sessions in the morning and cultural or sports activities in the afternoon.

Academic Activities

The academic program is designed to meet your group’s individual needs. Drawing on the academic expertise of the Australian Sports Academy, the program can incorporate general English tuition or have a specific discipline or interest focus.

Australian Sports Academy English Language courses assist athletes with improving their employment prospects, or meeting language requirements for entry into Australian Education.

The skill level of the English Language courses range from basic introductory skills, such as recognition of the English alphabet and numbers, to advanced courses that prepare students for academic life in Australian colleges and universities.

Examples of recent study tour programs include:

  • English Language and Australian Culture
  • English Language and TESOL Methodology
  • English Language and Sports Training
  • English Language and Sports Coaching
  • English Language and Surfing
  • English Language and Fitness Study
  • English Language and Sports Management

Sports Activities

Australian Sports Academy Training Centre has created unique methods of assessing and evaluating athletes to set the platform for developing tailored training and conditioning programs that are unlike anything you may have seen before. The combination of our skills as athletic experts and strength and conditioning specialists allows us to provide the best resources and facilities in the fields of sports medicine and performance conditioning.

Examples of recent study tour programs include:

When we train athletes we don’t just develop a program, we create a tailored, functional program based on knowing the fundamentals of the athlete.

When we test athletes we have a proven process. We use our foundation biomechanical and movement analysis first to assess an athlete’s underpinning strengths and weaknesses. Following this, we assess an athlete’s basic conditioning elements like cardiovascular fitness and body composition.

Program Development
We develop training programs of every nature. We are fully capable of analysing a sport, developing a yearly periodic plan, and designing a specific conditioning program to assist athletes reach their training goals. We can also break down programming into shorter phases, or periods, working one step at a time to have athletes peaking at the right time for competition.

Programs can also be developed for coaches or organisations to help them build a training regime that is right for their athletes or team.

Cultural Experience

Study Tour Programs are designed to provide students or players with a comprehensive and rewarding experience of Australian life. Students have the opportunity to:

  • Enhance your cultural understanding of Australia by meeting and sharing experiences with the education community and with other Australians from diverse backgrounds
  • Explore Queensland through weekend, day and evening excursions and visits to destinations of cultural, historical, geographical and social interest
  • Stay with an Australian family and share in family life
  • Enjoy many exciting interactive opportunities including activities  such as sail boarding, kayaking, surfing and volleyball, horse riding in Australian bushland, picnics in the park, Aboriginal cultural performances, sporting activities such as golf, football, tennis, swimming or Rugby

Services provided to Group Study Tours include:

  • Tailored sports program
  • Tailored academic program
  • Pre-departure information and advice
  • Welcome on arrival at airport
  • Comprehensive orientation and cultural awareness program
  • Placement in Homestay, shared apartment, hostel or residential accommodation
  • Unique cultural tourism experiences and activities
  • Certificate presentation and celebration with group photograph


  • ASA premises has nine purpose-built accommodation lodges. We specialise in hosting many types of groups from sporting and schools to corporate ‘Boot Camps’ varying in size from individuals to groups of up to 286
  • ASA aims to provide each group with a uniquely satisfying experience, while still being able to deliver very cost effective accommodation and facilities
  • The  accommodation lodges are situated just minutes from the Gold Coast’s major attractions, including Dream World, Movie World, Sea World and Surfers Paradise
  • Most study tour groups choose Homestay accommodation, staying individually with a local family and experiencing the Australian lifestyle whilst practicing their English language skills

Program Fees

Fees will vary depending upon what the program includes and the number of students. Costs are designed to include all transport, accommodation, meals and tuition costs. However, personal spending money, insurance and travel to Australia are not included in the program price.

Visa Requirements

You can study for up to 3 months on a Visitors Visa. For more information contact ASA.

How do I get more information?

Our specialist study tour staff are available to discuss the benefits of the Study Tour Program and would be pleased to tailor a program or course to meet specific needs. Contact ASA on +61 1300 656 693 or ASA at info@asaonline.edu.au

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